The use of tourbillon in high imitation watches

Is the tourbillon movement good? I believe this is a huge problem for the friends who have just started, but I believe that anyone who wants to know this knowledge point may know a little about the timepiece, and more want to know the most expensive timepiece of the tourbillon. What about the movement process, such as accuracy, such as energy storage, such as various parameters, advantages and disadvantages, etc. The last one I started with a tourbillon movement watch, made a small introduction, today I will Give everyone a detailed explanation of the craft of the tourbillon. If you have the same question about the tourbillon, then this article is worth a look.

In the last lecture, I showed you the use of the tourbillon in the high imitation table and the basic knowledge of the tourbillon. Of course, the standard version in the previous lecture is not a standard tourbillon, but on the movement. Art-crafted tourbillon replica watches, today I will use the standard tourbillon movement as a standard to explain the workmanship, accuracy and energy storage imitation watches, and at the end of the end, through the continuous shooting photos, show the 360௦ the tourbillon The balance wheel rotation method gives everyone a more intuitive feeling.

From the previous set of figures, we can see that this 19-diameter standard moon phase tourbillon movement produced by the China Europe fake Watch Group is still remarkable. First of all, the double-deck design is adopted. No matter the front part or the back side, there are very few exposed parts, and the chrome treatment on the back side makes the whole tourbillon movement more beautiful.

Here, I would like to talk to you about science, about the location of the moon phase, multi-function and other areas, there are a lot of careful table friends will find some versatile high imitation table, often compared with the original more or less will have some position The difference, such as the moon phase originally at 12 o'clock, becomes a 3 o'clock position or a 6 o'clock position on the high imitation table. The reason is very simple, because the movement manufacturer has already directly related functions when producing the movement. Made in the movement. Therefore, the customized lettering must match the movement position. If these problems are to be solved, it is necessary to re-order a batch of movements specifically for high-definition fake watches, which is a huge increase in the cost of maintenance for a multi-function replica watches with a high failure rate. Take Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak as an example. It is well known that the watch's second position is 12 o'clock. In the high imitation table, once the 12-point watch is involved, it is very expensive regardless of the appearance, and you are autonomous. In the brand's replica watches, it is almost impossible to find a 12-character fake watch.