Replica Watches with clear protection of appearance patent

I won't talk about the embarrassing sensory verbs here. But I can guarantee 100%, this is the most beautiful and neat Audemars Piping brush drawing process you can see.

How to install the front cover screws neatly and neatly. In this detail, I have to say that genuine is very very hard. The high-imitation structure and the genuine front-facing screws can be installed by hand, and then the angle is adjusted by the screw rod on the back side, and then the special-shaped screw-locking firmware locks the appearance screw installed in the screw groove, so that It can be guaranteed that fake watches uk no matter how you adjust the front screw of the watch, it can achieve complete lossless effect, because the front screw does not need to be screwed at all.

On this issue, in the previous article about the 12@7750 movement article, I have introduced the layer, the movement of 12@7750 seconds, is specially developed for Audemars Piguet's high imitation table. In the genuine product, the maximum purpose of placing a layer of guard on the back of the movement is to facilitate the position determination when the pointer is installed, and also to increase the fixing effect of the surface. Add the TEST literal directly to adjust the position of the pointer, and adjust the zero

According to the legend, Audemars Piguet㠯riginal version is 㲥ated from the inside through an ancient machine, and cuts out the fine lines of the grid while cutting into squares.ਆrom a fashion website, Xiaobian original), I really feel this little series. I really can't afford to buy genuine Audemars Piguet. But I have to deny that Audemars Piguet's box design is indeed exclusive, and it is also clearly protected by the appearance patent. But here I don't want to say what the "old machine" is, but a set of well-designed plastic molds will accurately replica watches measure all the square details and make the second ring size, make the mold, and carry out injection-color-paste. In the digital part of the inkjet. That is, the literal copy of the copy is completed.