The design of the tourbillon was designed to reduce the impact of gravity on the pocket replica watch

First of all, it is necessary to mention that the tourbillon movement cannot be recalibrated after the movement is formed. The relevant calibration must be completed when the movement is semi-finished. I personally have some obsessive-compulsive disorder, first remove the flywheel, and then Calibrating to achieve the current accuracy, I believe this should be the most accurate movement in the tourbillon series.

Under normal circumstances, the daily error of the tourbillon movement is normal in about 10 to 50 seconds, so it is seriously noted that the tourbillon movement will not be more stable than the Swiss ETA movement or the ordinary three-needle replica watches, although He will be more expensive than other movement watches, but it does not mean that he is more precise.

I only mentioned that the tourbillon is unique in that the balance wheel and the other movements have completely different power systems. The upper flywheel rotates 360ou may not have an intuitive feeling. So I believe everyone can understand this picture. The pinion is rotated 360෩th the flywheel shaft. This is the key to the design of the tourbillon in order to reduce the impact of gravity on the pocket replica watch. Superficially, this is the hallmark of the tourbillon. This is also not available in other watches. If you want to say the characteristics of the tourbillon, it is expensive. Then it is his unrepeatable, the most elaborate design of mechanical products.

In my opinion, if you compare the power of mechanical watches with sports, then the tourbillon is equivalent to playing golf. The general balance is equivalent to push-ups. Both are good ways. The physical condition is improved and at the same time it is an effective way. There are no false propositions such as who is good or who is bad, or who is better, just looking at personal choices and budget issues replica watches uk, leaving me as an industry practitioner, in my opinion. When a person's watch has reached a certain level, he always thinks about a watch with a tourbillon, at least I personally.